Private labeled Help Desk

Brand Our Service Desk As Your Own
If having the appearance of a dedicated internal support team gives your organization a competitive advantage, alven provides private labeled services.

For many organizations, being able to offer high quality technical support for customers, partners, and other parties is a competitive necessity. Our 24/7 Service Desk is highly customizable with a variety of options to provide your users with a unique IT service experience.

If your organization requires the appearance of a dedicated internal support team, alven offers several private labeled help desk options.

Private-Labeled Help Desk Options Include:

  • Custom automated system greetings

  • Custom live greetings

  • Custom email signatures with customer logos

  • Custom stylized email reports to all call-in users

  • Custom web portal with customer logo

  • Custom remote screen-sharing capability

  • Custom embedded customer satisfaction surveys

Our Service Desk is always available by experienced, certified professionals, ready to assist your organization – not call center agents.