Expert IT and Computer Support Services for Government

The amount of data your governmental agency manages every day is growing at an incredibly fast pace. Your information technology partner needs to be able to move even faster.

For government agencies looking for a managed services or IT consulting partner, alven makes the perfect partner. Our technical consultants can leverage the vast amount of fast-paced working experience.

Our Services include:

CTO/CIO Outsourcing

Whether you need an C-Level expert to establish the IT strategy and vision for an upcoming project or for ongoing support for IT activities moving forward, alven can help your government agency with all of your enterprise-level information technology needs.

IT Consulting Services

Need access to an expert in AJAX, a whiz at social networking applications or someone who can make your legacy system communicate with your new software? alven can connect you with one of our IT software development consultants who have years of hands-on expertise in the specific areas you need.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

We understand the variety of regulatory compliance issues that government agencies encounter. Our MS Exchange Hosting services provide your government agency a cost-effective way to protect the security and integrity of the communication environment you rely on every day.

Network Monitoring

If your network is running slowly, it’s critical to know whether it’s due to a temporary spike in traffic, or to more serious problems that could cause it to shut down completely, at any moment. You can avoid unwanted network surprises by allowing alven to manage and monitor your network services.

Server Support

Addressing server issues today can avoid downtime and data loss tomorrow. Our IT services include server setup and installation, as well as diagnosing and repairing server issues.

Computer Repair

Slow computers. Failing hard drives. Corrupt drivers. Computer glitches and crashes. Our experienced consultants can solve hardware and software issues quickly, oftentimes without even needing to visit your office.

Network Support

Whether you’re revamping an existing network, adding additional hardware, migrating to the latest server upgrade or are simply suffering from slow network responses, our expert IT technical consultants can solve all of your network issues.

Technical Support

For those day-to-day technical issues regarding hardware, software, network issues, printing and peripheral issues (and everything in between) depend on alven to provide IT services that will ensure your agency’s IT infrastructure works smoothly.

Computer Support

If one of your PCs crashes or your computers in general are running sluggishly, it can ruin productivity … and even cause missed deadlines. Alven offers on- and off-site IT services for all kinds of desktop and laptop computers.

Data Backup

We identify with the strict parameters placed on government agencies when it comes to protecting valuable data. Our data backup services go above and beyond industry standard practices to ensure the highest level of security and data integrity possible.